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Northern California Artist, Jennifer Barrette-Herzog has been creating unforgettable images for over 10 years. Her Murals and Canvas collections grace the walls of many fine homes and businesses throughout the State, from Southern California, Carmel and San Francisco up through the greater Sacramento area.

Three years ago she began living her lifelong dream of illustrating books. A self taught artist, her images have transported readers to fascinating worlds and throughout this process she has refined her illustrating techniques. With two books published to date, she has illustrated a new children’s book due out within the year.

Now Jennifer has taken her Illustrations to new heights combining her love of Architecture with her expertise as an illustrator, creating ART HAUS ILLUSTRATIONS, an umbrella for her Illustrating and Home Portraits business.

  • A home portrait is a wonderful way to announce your excitement about a new home, the pride of your longtime home or to commemorate a childhood home or a beloved vacation retreat. A custom Home Portrait will be cherished for generations!
  • What better Holiday Card than a custom portrait of your very own home gracing the front of your greeting card! Add some snow – maybe some fall leaves – a custom portrait is just that – Custom.
  • A great gift for the new homeowner! Or a thank you gift from a happy Realtor.
  • A home portrait makes for beautiful personal stationary and letterhead.
  • Commercial illustrations – turn the outside of your restaurant or business into a custom illustration.
  • Fathers & Mothers Day, Birthday & Christmas gifts - Thank your spouse for making a beautiful home for you to come home to and thank your spouse for providing such a fabulous home for your family.

Working from photographs (either provided by you or personally photographed by the artist) Jennifer creates original art work for you to cherish throughout the years. Utilizing Black and White Pen and Ink and Color Inking techniques she hand illustrates each piece of art from her Davis Studio. She can turn these images into Framed portraits, greeting cards and postcards. (All clients are provided a digital file (jpg) of the image for their own personal use for no extra charge.)

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